19 Oct

3 Steps to Protect Your Deceased Loved One From Fraud

3 Steps to Protect Your Deceased Loved One From FraudThose who have experienced the loss of a loved on[...]

12 Oct

8 Simple Ways to Discuss Long-Term Health Care

Some conversations are harder than others. Discussing the need to plan for long term care with loved ones isn’t exactly easy and can be quite awkward, but Maria Shriver and some of America’s most b[...]

12 Oct

Seeing stars: The hidden danger of a concussion

 Josh loved to play soccer. While normally a quiet nine-year-old, his competitive nature came out in full force when he hit the field. During a regular season game, he collided with an oppo[...]

23 Sep

Heart health: debunking the myths

Heart disease is the number one killer in America. But 75 percent of Americans are not worried about dying from it.Most of us are not familiar with the best daily habits we should be doing t[...]